Is the software on your electronics what you expected it to be?                                     

A benchtop testing tool for software system validation

Whether intentional or unintentional, software running on your electronics could expose risks.  Organizations are looking to:

  • Confirm Supplier Firmware Versions
  • Look for Firmware Manipulation/Changes
  • Identify Residual Commands
  • Identify Silent Changes
  • Scan Known Vulnerabilities

Solving the Problem

Palitronica's PowerFuzzer provides a unique approach to the following:

  • Conformance scanning of protocols and command sets
  • Test for known vulnerabilities
  • Identify unknown vulnerabilities
  • Identification of undocumented/hidden responses or commands
  • Vandalism and abuse case testing
  • Privacy and information leak detection
  • Dynamic stream mutation and attack injection

Fully Blackbox

Uses side channel information for decision making.
Makes assessments at the API level without the need for source code

Deploy PowerFuzzer

Protect Your Products

Contact our team to learn more about PowerFuzzer's capabilities and how it can help protect your products and customers from unintended software

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