Palitronica Safeguards Critical Infrastructure and Systems

We build cutting-edge hardware and breakthrough software that revolutionizes how we defend critical infrastructure and key resources.

We're solving some of the most challenging problems facing national security.

About Us

Driven By Mission

Our mission is to protect critical infrastructure and key resources from cyber threats. Defense, energy, communications, transportation, healthcare, and other sectors are under constant attack from adversaries including nation states, cybercrime gangs, and malicious insiders.

Palitronica was founded in 2019 as a spin-out from the University of Waterloo's Real-time Embedded Software Lab. Following several technological breakthroughs and successful deployments with key national security partners, the core research team went on to found Palitronica.

Experienced Team, Shared Vision

Our team comprises of hardware and software engineers, security leaders, internationally-recognized security experts, and technology entrepreneurs dedicated to achieving our mission of improving our national security.

Join Our Team

We're actively looking for exceptional talent to join our mission to safeguard critical infrastructure. If you’re passionate about national security, believe in our mission, and are ready to create incredible impact,  join us.

Our Team

An Experienced Team, United By A Shared Vision

Palitronica's team is built of world-leading experts, security leaders, and researchers. software and hardware engineers, military leaders, policy experts and technology entrepreneurs, dedicated to achieving our mission

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We're actively looking for exceptional talent to join our mission to safeguard supply chains.

If you have a strong background in hardware, software , or security

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