Palitronica Safeguards Supply Chains

Palitronica builds and deploys cutting-edge hardware and software to defend global supply chains.

Trust your Electronics

Quality and Cyber for your Electronics

Quantitatively protect components and assemblies from:

  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Counterfeit or Non-Comforming Components
  • Silent Design Changes
  • Malicious Hardware and Software Attacks
Reliable Quality Assurance

Rapid testing of every part you buy or build

Ensuring the delivery of reliable, high-quality products has become increasingly complicated. Compounded by the volatility of modern chip supply chains, you need cost-effective and future-proof solutions that include:

  • Integrity testing that is faster and less expensive
  • Non-destructive testing that doesn't compromise IP
  • Quantifiable testing that can be scaled to every single part.

// Quickly identify substandard components

Supply Chain Cyber Material Assurance

State-of-the-art defense against supply chain attacks

Move beyond trust-based assurance and rubber stamping. Quantitatively assess the quality and integrity of every part.

Defend against:

  • Hardware Swapping
  • Counterfeit Products
  • Board-level Implants
  • Firmware Swap
  • Semiconductor Trojans
  • Hidden Software Backdoors

// Beyond people & process, rely on security rooted in physics

Anvil Checkpoint

Quality and cyber in one step

Palitronica has built a solution of assurance capabilities that detect defects and verify whether parts are built as intended as well as defend governments and enterprises from complex supply chain attacks that cannot be protected by existing technologies.

Our Anvil checkpoint provides organizations with a wide array of supply chain defense capabilities, ranging from semiconductor assurance to hardware implant detection to transport protection for mission-critical military supply chains and much more.

// Verify the electronics to produce or procure
// Hardware Trojan Detected In BMC
// Swapped Network Card Detected
// Hardware Implant Detected
// Counterfeit Semiconductor Detected

Validate the software on your electronics

Is the software running on your electronics what you expect it to be? Palitronica PowerFuzzer helps you ensure that you are running the correct firmware with no unintended changes or vulnerabilities

// Blackbox testing using side channel information
// Hardware Trojan Detected In BMC
// Swapped Network Card Detected
// Hardware Implant Detected
// Counterfeit Semiconductor Detected

A Decade of Research & Development

Palitronica fuses multiple hardware and software technologies to distinguish safe, secure hardware from compromised hardware enabling us to solve a wide array of problems involving hardware security, tampering, and semiconductor integrity.

Our core technology is the culmination of a decade of research and development into side-channel analysis, digital signal processing, and machine learning combined into a single, unified technology to safeguard supply chains.

Advanced Hardware

Our proprietary hardware is designed in-house, enabling us to push our software beyond the limitations imposed by off-the-shelf hardware.

Breakthrough Software

Our software utilizes complex machine learning and digital signal processing to catalyze the capabilities of our hardware platform.

Unified Technical Advantage

Building our own hardware and software has allowed us to bypass incremental advances and create completely novel technology.

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