Quality and Cyber;
In One Step, On-Site

The Most Powerful
Non-Destructive Testing
Solution for Hardware

Assess the quality and cyber of your electronics, on-site!

Anvil enables you to verify the integrity of your products before you deploy them to customers — facilitating the rapid detection of implants, modifications, and weaknesses introduced through manufacturing and sourcing.
This includes defense against:

  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Counterfeit Components
  • Silent Design Changes
  • Malicious Hardware and Software Attacks

Anvil acts as a bogus firewall between your products and their supply chain — preventing unsolicited modification to your products and elevating customer trust and confidence.

Reliable Quality Assurance

Ensuring the delivery of reliable, high-quality products has become increasingly complicated. Supply chain dynamics, labour shortages, and changing technology have added to the challenges.

  • Integrity testing is slow and expensive
  • Risks and inefficiencies with external test labs
  • Destructive testing means you can't test every part
  • Challenges in today's supply chain forces companies to the grey market

Supply Chain Cyber Material Assurance

Move beyond trust-based assurance and rubber stamping. Quantitatively assess the quality and integrity of every part.

  • Hardware Swapping
  • Counterfeit Products
  • Board-level Implants
  • Firmware Swap
  • Semiconductor Trojans
  • Hidden Software Backdoors

Better Cyber and Quality testing:
in-house and onsite

Non-destructive Testing (NDT) for components and assemblies, whether procured or produced.


Blackbox Compliant

Anvil requires no proprietary device information during verification.

Non-destructive Testing (NDT)

Anvil leaves the device-state unaltered during verification.


The device remains unpowered during verification

Rapid Cycle-time

Anvil verifies the integrity of devices within seconds.


Hardware Assurance,
That Works

Traditional hardware assurance technologies are resource-intensive, unscalable, and require supplier adoption or participation. Anvil allows you to provide efficient hardware assurance at scale independent of your suppliers.

Anvil typically deploys end-of-line at your contract manufacturer acting as a checkpoint to ensure products delivered to your customers are free of compromises introduced during sourcing and manufacture.

Hardware Verified End-of-Line

Anvil deploys end-of-line at your contract manufacturer or foundry integrating seamlessly into existing product provisioning procedures.

Independent of Suppliers

Anvil deploys independent of your suppliers, significantly reducing the time and participation required for installation.

Unified Verification Protocol

Anvil replaces existing hardware assurance solutions with a single system, reducing bottom-line costs and improving efficiency.

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Protect Your Products

Contact our team to learn more about Anvil's capabilities and how it can help protect your products and customers from defects and supply chain threats.

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