Instant, Active Cyberprotection for Critical Infrastructure and Systems

Protect Your Critical Infrastructure and Systems from Cyberattacks

Palisade allows you to add cyber-protection to your established critical systems without the need for recertification. Palisade detects hardware and software tampering and can detect ransomware attacks in your infrastructure before they reach a critical point.

Palisade starts protecting systems instantly from power-on. As a 100% retrofittable solution, Palisade provides an upgrade path for enhancing cybersecurity in critical infrastructure and systems..

Palisade Basic™

Palisade PM-1 is our answer to the immediate need for adding security controls to existing critical infrastructure and systems. Palisade PM-1 is built with 100% retrofittability in mind and detects attacks solely through patented side-channel mechanisms completely independent of the system under protection.

Palisade Enterprise™

Palisade IDS is our product for comprehensive system protection. Palisade IDS protects systems by correlating system activities to detect attacks and ransomware before they reach a critical point.


Blackbox Compliant

Palisade requires no knowledge of the system it protects.


Palisade requires no modification to the system it protects.

Instant Protection

Systems are protected instantly upon power on.

Physics Based

Protection is based on the Laws of Semiconductor Physics.


Cyberprotection for Critical Systems

Traditional protection systems are cost and resource prohibitive for critical systems and infrastructure as they require resource-intensive compute or cost-intensive re-certification. Palisade allows you to retrofit state-of-the-art cybersecurity to critical systems and infrastructure.

Palisade typically deploys to key systems that require cyber protection in the infrastructure. From there, Palisade can report cyber alerts to an existing SIEM/SOAR or security operations center.

Suitable for Critical Systems

Palisade uses patented technology to provide non-intrusive cyber-protection that lets the protected system continue its operation as designed (and certified).

Blackbox, Retrofittable Protection

Palisade uses side-channel information and is a 100% retrofittable solution to upgrade critical infrastructure with state-of-the-art cybersecurity.

Protection Starting At Power On

Palisade replaces existing hardware assurance solutions with a single system, reducing bottom-line costs and improving efficiency.

Relevant Whitepapers and Documents
Data Sheet

Palisade Comparison Infosheet

Palisade delivers detection and protection capabilities that fill the gaps left by traditional solutions

Product Overview

Palisade Product Overview

Palitronica offers unprecedented instant, active cybersecurity for critical infrastructure and systems in the IT, OT, and PT space.


Palisade Whitepaper

Palisade technology provides a revolutionary approach to cybersecurity powered by physics

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Palitronica is offering Palisade to select partners during the beta trials. Contact our team to learn more about Palisade's capabilities and how it can help protect your critical infrastructure and systems.

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