May 4, 2023

Arcfield Canada announced Team Northern Sentry; a collaboration reshaping the landscape of CF-18 avionics support for the Royal Canadian Air Force. Palitronica was named among the key players who lending expertise and an innovative approach to the CF-18 avionics systems

Palitronica’s Role in ensuring CF-18 cyber assurance and supply chain security

Today, Palitronica steps into an important role within Team Northern Sentry, a collaboration reshaping the landscape of CF-18 avionics support for the Royal Canadian Air Force. Our involvement alongside key players; Arcfield Canada, Raytheon Canada, L3Harris Technologies, and Terra Nova underscores the critical nature of quality and security in this domain.

As we are pioneering physics-based cybersecurity and quality assurance solutions meeting cyber materiel and mission assurance (CMMA) requirements – we are lending our expertise and innovative approach to the CF-18 avionics systems. In an era fraught with evolving risks of counterfeits, cyber threats, and supply chain complexity, our role is strategically imperative to ensure electronic assets can be trusted today and for their lifecycle.

Jacques Comtois, Vice President of Arcfield Canada’s Operations, acknowledges the significance of our collective efforts: "We believe that the expertise and proven capabilities of this team offer the greatest experience to Canada for continued operation and maintenance of the CF-18 fighter fleet." Palitronica's contributions bolster the team’s ability to deliver on zero-trust supply chain capabilities for the lifecycle of the project.

Read the original announcement and from Arcfield Canada about Team Northern Sentry and get more information about Canada’s CF-18 Avionics In-Service Support Program.

In the current landscape, supply chain security is not a luxury but a mission-critical necessity. Avionics systems demand a very high level of diligence.

Kevin Kelly, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Arcfield, emphasizes the importance of our collective mission: "We look forward to continuing our long-standing partnership with the RCAF and delivering cost-effective sustainment solutions for Canada’s CF-18 fighter fleet through an integrated team approach."

Palitronica's Steady Progress in Cyber Materiel Assurance
Our team is ready to lend our expertise and innovative approach to collaborate on the complexities of cyber materiel assurance, implementing strategic measures to safeguard the electronic components integral to the CF-18.

Follow our progress for updates on this projects and others, as we’re helping shape cyber material assurance capabilities; a crucial aspect of the aerospace and defence industry.

Original news release: Arcfield Canada Announces Team Northern Sentry