June 9, 2021

Palitronica exits stealth mode to offer urgently-needed solution for combating the semiconductor shortage and defending supply chains amongst growing geopolitical tensions.

Palitronica Exits Stealth Mode to Safeguard Global Supply Chains

After a decade of research and development at the University of Waterloo and two years of secretive commercial work with key national security and industry partners, Palitronica is proud to exit stealth mode and share more about the technology we are building to safeguard supply chains.

The colossal increase in offshore manufacturing of electronic devices over the past two decades, in parallel to rapidly shifting global power dynamics, has fractured supply chains and accelerated the risk present in building, selling, and purchasing hardware products.

Palitronica has built a suite of security capabilities that defends governments and enterprises from complex supply chain attacks that existing technologies cannot protect against. Our Anvil suite provides organizations with a wide array of supply chain defense capabilities, ranging from semiconductor assurance to hardware implant detection to transport protection for mission-critical military supply chains and much more.

Anvil RTS™ is our premiere service for helping organizations to combat the current semiconductor shortage, Anvil SV-1™ and XV-1™ are our flagship products for providing scalable hardware assurance, and Anvil Silicon™ provides every electronic device with on-board hardware assurance. We are excited to launch Anvil RTS this month, deploy Anvil with limited partners throughout 2021, and continue working with national security partners to build out Anvil Silicon.

We are proud of the work Palitronica is doing to safeguard supply chains and will continue to share more information about our breakthrough technology and the critical work we are undertaking with key private and public sector organizations.

About Palitronica

Palitronica safeguards supply chains. We build cutting-edge hardware and breakthrough software that revolutionizes how governments and organizations defend their supply chains. Our mission is to solve the most difficult problems threatening national security.